Adult Admission: $69 + tax

Senior Admission (60+) : $62 + tax

Children (3-12 years old): $42 + tax

Infants (2 and under): Free

No, our food does not contain nut products. In fact, you’ll never encounter exposed nuts at our ranch (except for Otis, of course), although some of our ingredients may have come from a factory where nuts may have been used. The Copper Spur saloon does serve peanuts, but only on request, and there’s a handy warning sign by the door!
Yessiree! All of our ranch facilities and attractions are accessible for wheelchairs and scooters, with the exception of the tractor pull. Please advise of special seating needs in advance.

Western wear is not required, but it is encouraged! By the same token, make sure you wear something comfortable and weather appropriate, and comfortable walking shoes; our western frontier town is an outdoor attraction, although nobody will blame you for ducking inside if the weather’s rough! We also recommend bringing a coat (except in summer) as the show ends fairly late in the evening, and it could get a bit nippy out there. We’re located along the Verde River, so our temperatures are generally 10 degrees lower in temperature than in town.

Although we love all animals, due to our classification as a food-serving establishment we can only allow licensed service animals.
Only outside all existing buildings. While many refrain from smoking around others out of courtesy, we do have “butt buckets” around the ranch for the smokers convenience. Blazin’ M is in compliance with Arizona state laws that prohibit smoking in restaurants and must be done outside and at a minimum of 20 ft. from any entrance.

Wanna know a secret? ALL the food we serve is gluten-free except for our flyin’ biscuits! Because we serve a set menu, we cannot comply to every dietary need so we do allow guests to bring in food as necessary and partake in anything from our set menu that might be suitable for their specific diet (there is no reduction in the cost of the ticket).

While we don’t offer horseback riding on the ranch, we’d be more than happy to direct you to horseback riding activities in the area.

You bet your bottom dollar we are! Ryan Glass and family purchased the Blazin M Ranch in 2021 from The Mabery family who owned and operated the chuckwagon dinner and show for the previous eighteen years.

Yes, we offer a group discounts for folks with a wagon full of twenty or more guests paid with one transaction. Contact our Group Director for more information.

Yes! All the knee-slappin’ tomfoolery at the ranch is acceptable for all ages. We work hard to keep our show fun and entertaining for all!
Of course! Wouldn’t want your friends and family to miss out, would ya? Gift certificates can be purchased online, at the ticket window on the ranch, or by calling our reservation line at 1-800-937-8643.
We recommend when using our ranch address (1875 Mabery Ranch Rd. Cottonwood, AZ 86326) that you use GoogleMaps. For all other search engines and GPS units, use the address for our closest neighbor, Dead Horse Ranch State Park (675 Dead Horse Ranch Road Cottonwood, AZ 86326) but when you get to Dead Horse Ranch, stay left and continue on down the way. The road will dead end at the Blazin’ M Ranch–yeehaw! You made it!

Click here! (Or just give us a call, that works too.)

Cameras and recorders are more than welcome to be used at any time, both on the grounds and during the show. We do ask that continuous lighting not be used during the show.
We proudly support the United States Armed Forces and happily offer discounts to card-holding (active or retired) service members. Ask when you place your reservation over the phone or when you come to the ticket booth at the ranch.

The barn now features chair seating! 

The Blazin’ M Ranch is closed to the public for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the entire month of January to allow for any remodeling, repairs and restorations needed to our facilities (and our staff)! We reopen in February, and reservations following our reopen date can be placed any time in January. Just ‘cause the lights are off doesn’t mean nobody’s home!
The ranch is set on the banks of the Verde River and is surrounded by hundreds of acres of State Park land; the area hosts all sorts of critters from squirrels to javelina, sometimes even bobcats, ring-tailed cats, raccoons and even deer! The ranch itself is home to a nice little bunch of animals, too, but we can’t really call them wild. (Although there are rumors that Penelope the Potbellied Pig likes to throw some crazy parties with the ponies when we’re not around…)
We’ve had some close calls, but so far our skilled ranch-hands have been able to maintain a careful balance of fun and safety.
A 1948 John Deere is the highlight of the tractor ride and pulls folks in a “passenger trailer” for 15 minute rides between 5:00 and 6:30PM, with Slim Jim doing the announcing and giving a bit of history about the ranch. It’s slow enough for you to take in the sights, fast enough to keep you from gettin’ bored!

Absolutely! Looking to get hitched in old west style, or after a special location for your special day? Contact our Group Director and see about saving the date!

Although there have been fires in the past, and two fairly serious in the history of the Blazin’ M. The first in 1994 in the lower field before the dinner theatre opened, which “sparked” the name, Blazin’ M, and the second in January 2012 which destroyed the caretaker’s residence, and tragically, some cherished housepets, but no human life.

Our Chuckwagon Dinner comes with complimentary iced tea, lemonade, coffee, and water! You can also purchase beverages at our full service saloon or at the bar during dinner.  

It’s about an hour and a half from Phoenix to Cottonwood, where the Blazin’ M Ranch is located. Check our directions page or call for more information on getting up here.

Just a quick twenty- or thirty-minute drive, we’re in the heart of the Verde Valley. A perfect stop on your tour of our great state! Check our directions page or call for more information on getting up here.

All guests, with or without reservations, are required to check in at the ticket booth when they arrive at the ranch. This is the only way to get your seating arranged and claim your dinner and show ticket.

We have special shows periodically throughout the year, for holidays and other special events. 

The Blazin’ M Ranch can host all kinds of special events. If you’re lookin’ to have a company party your employees won’t soon forget or lookin’ to tie the knot in a place like no other, we’ve got the perfect place for you! Contact our Group Director for more information.

Always a good idea, since Arizona nights can get pretty cold, and the show doesn’t end until about a quarter o’ nine in the evening.
Both dinner and our award-winning western show are held indoors in our climate-controlled barn.
The original homestead was 30 acres but over the course of the past 40+ years Arizona State Parks, specifically Dead Horse Ranch State Park purchased 20 acres from the Mabery’s in addition to 400 acres that make up the balance of the park!
Never! All shows are performed live on stage right in front of you. We’re the real deal!

Ropin’, the tractor pull, bull riding, axe throwing, the shooting gallery, and the museum are all included in admission. Of course, our Saloon, Old-Tyme Photo Studio, are pay as you go.

Our western frontier town leaves the lights on after the show, except for the activities, all shops and museum are open for those last minute souvenir searches of your experience.
This one-of-a-kind in the world display of the life-long creations of a master woodcarver will keep you amazed and entertained. These hand-carved miniatures set in historical scenes, mechanized with electro-magnets and pulleys are designed to move before your very eyes. A visit to this Gallery during your visit to the Ranch is must!

The Blazin’ M Ranch is happy to provide for our more herbivorous visitors! We offer a jackfruit alternative in place of chicken and ribs, but we ask that you request it when you make your reservation so our chuckwagon chefs can prep it for you!

Nope. Neither, pardner…and you can have as much as you would like of everything appropriate for your special diet.
Yes. Although we can accommodate certain dietary needs, we cannot always suit them all. Please feel free to bring in food of your choosing and supplement with the set items on our menu you can eat. The cost of the dinner & show ticket is the same, however.
Our chuckwagon supper comes lightly seasoned with a small amount of BBQ sauce (you can request without either). The amount of barbeque sauce you add to your meal is up to you!
No siree! Admission is the same whether or not you eat, and covers the tractor pull, lookin’ around the western town, the Wood ‘n’ West gallery, dinner and the show! If you only wanna come to see the show that’s fine, or likewise if you wanna leave when the dinner bell goes off we won’t stop you (we ain’t gonna force our mouth-waterin’ dinner on ya), but it’ll be the same price everyone else paid.

Cancellation Policy at Blazin’ M Ranch as of 3/15/23.
We understand that planning and preparing for your visit can be exciting, so we want to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible.
When you purchase tickets to the ranch, we make many preparations in advance of your arrival. To make sure that everyone is taken care of properly, we will NO LONGER BE PROVIDING FULL REFUNDS ONCE TICKETS ARE PURCHASED. Please make sure of your date and your commitment to joining us before purchasing.
If you need to adjust your reservation dates, you may do so up to 48 hours before your original booking date. If rescheduling within this window, there is a re-booking fee of $10 per ticket to cover our costs to make the changes.
If an emergency arises and you absolutely must cancel prior to 48 hours, there will be a $35 booking fee retained for each ticket purchased with the remaining balance refunded back to the original form of payment. No refunds for any reason will be granted 48 hours prior to a reservation.
We sincerely appreciate your understanding of this policy and are grateful for your compliance.
We look forward to having you join us at the Blazin’ M Ranch soon! Our staff will do everything they can to ensure that your experience is top-notch and one that you’ll remember fondly for years to come. It’s our goal each and every day to provide exceptional service and hospitality so that you feel right at home on the ranch when making memories with us here in the West!

Take cover! Naw, just kidding. All our shops are indoor establishments, and so are dinner and the show. Rain or shine, we’ve got you covered.
Seating is first-come-first-served with the exception of certain groups and guests with special seating needs.
Absolutely! Just let one of our friendly ranch-hands know you need their professional ranch-handing services and they’ll be happy to provide. We also offer special assistance for guests with small children, mostly in the department of keepin’ ‘em corralled in the dinner line and makin’ sure y’all get back to your table with your food on plates where it belongs.

Our climate-controlled barn has seating for up to 280 guests. It’s a great spot for parties, weddings, and all your other special events. If you’ve got a group event comin’ up and want to look into holding it on the ranch as a private event or part of our regular crowd, drop our Group Director a line.

The gate opens at 5:00pm, but dinner doesn’t start until 6:30. There’s plenty of time in between to show up and look around, so a few minutes won’t hurt. If you’re running really late, please call and let us know. We can even reschedule your reservation for a better time! (We have a 48-hour cancellation policy.)
We do! Every year the Blazin’ M Cowboys feature their Holdiay Hootenanny. Featuring Cowboy Christmas music, antics and stroy-telling, this delightful mix is sure to put you in a festive mood.
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