The 3rd Annual Fall Fest at Blazin’ M Ranch


Cottonwood, Arizona — Hold onto your ten-gallon hats, folks, ’cause Blazin’ M Ranch, that iconic Western-themed haven nestled right smack in the heart of the picturesque Verde Valley, is downright thrilled to holler out about its 3rd Annual Fall Fest, set to kick up dust on October 21st and 22nd, 2023, from the crack of 10:00 AM to the setting of the sun at 5:00 PM. This here shindig is bound to be two days chock-full of entertainment, lip-smackin’ vittles, and unforgettable memories for cowpokes of all ages.

As the leaves turn to gold and the air gets crisp, Blazin’ M Ranch beckons one and all, locals and drifters alike, to come join in the merriment and celebrate the season with a heapin’ helping of family-friendly fun. This year’s Fall Fest is wrangled up with the following highlights:

**1. First Annual Verde Valley’s Got Talent Show:** Y’all better brace yourselves for the rootin’-tootin’ debut of the Verde Valley’s Got Talent Show! From crooners to dancers, magicians to jesters, the talent showdown will be hotter than a branding iron, and the grand prize will be bigger than a Texas sky.

**2. Live DJ:** Kick up your boots to the tunes, with Yavapai Broadcasting serenading you on Saturday, October 21st, and a rollicking DJ taking over the reins on Sunday, October 22nd. From classic country twangs to toe-tappin’ bluegrass, there’ll be melodies for every ear.

**3. Wild West Activities:** Experience the rugged charm of the Old West with shootin’ galore at the real-life shooting gallery, step back in time at the Old Time Photo Dress-up studio, try your hand at escapin’ a room, or saddle up for guided ranch tours ‘cross the storied Blazin M Ranch land.

**4. Delicious Grub and Sips:** Satisfy them hunger pangs with lip-smackin’ BBQ, and don’t miss the Pumpkin’ Spice Latte bar to warm your belly, alongside the Copper Spur Saloon for a sip or two. There’ll be a wagon-load of other tasty treats to tantalize your taste buds.

**5. Kids’ Corner:** The Fall Fest is a family affair, and the young’uns won’t be left out. There’s a bouncy castle village, critters to pet in the zoo, face paintin’, and enough carnival games to make ’em giggle and holler “yeehaw!”

**6. Local Artisans:** The crafty folks in these parts will be showin’ off their wares, so don’t miss the chance to snag yourself a one-of-a-kind keepsake or gift.

“We are downright excited to celebrate the beauty of fall and the remarkable talent in our community at our 3rd Annual Fall Fest,” declared Ryan Glass, Owner of Blazin M Ranch. “We’ve rustled up an unforgettable experience for folks of all ages, and we’re mighty eager to see the best talent in Verde Valley shine bright in our talent show.”

The 3rd Annual Fall Fest at Blazin’ M Ranch promises to be a weekend filled with entertainment, community spirit, and the rich traditions of the Old West. Mark your calendars for October 21st and 22nd, 2023, and mosey on down to Blazin’ M Ranch, right there at 1875 Mabery Ranch Road in Cottonwood. You can snag your tickets online at www.blazinm.ticketspice.com/fall-fest-2023 or at the gate.

Now, we’ve got some news for ya: Gate Admission to the 3rd Annual Fall Fest is FREE as a tumbleweed in the desert breeze! But, if you’re lookin’ for a good spot to hitch your horse, parking will run you $5 per wagon, with a slice of them proceeds goin’ to local charities.

For them little buckaroos and the grown folks too, we’ve got special packages:

**Kids Package:** Valued at $30, but if you pre-purchase, it’s ONLY $15! It includes a whole day of bouncin’ on the castle, a bellyful of fun with 4 activity tokens for carnival games, escapin’ the room, or puttin’ on the green.

**Adults Package:** Valued at $34, but if you pre-purchase, it’s ONLY $20! You’ll get 2 drink tickets, good for well drinks, beer, wine, or some specialty sips, along with 2 activity tokens for carnival games, escapin’ the room, or puttin’ on the green.

Get ready to indulge your taste buds at the Fall Fest with our enticing menu, an assortment of delicacies that cater to everyone’s preference. From succulent ribs to kid-friendly hot dogs, we’ve curated a menu that ensures a gastronomic delight as vibrant as the festival itself.

  • Ribs served with Mashed Potatoes, Cole Slaw, Roll, and butter: $14
  • Quarter Chicken with the aforementioned sides: $12
  • Combo (Ribs + Quarter Chicken) with the above-mentioned sides: $16
  • Hot Dog: $4
  • Corn Dog: $5
  • Giant Pretzel: $10
  • Pickle: $3
  • 16oz Drink from the Soda Wagon: $4
  • Specialty Cup from the Soda Wagon: $10
  • Water: $2
  • Kettle Corn: $6

With this wide range of food and drink options, Blazin’ M Ranch Fall Fest guarantees a culinary adventure that complements the thrilling festivities of the event.

And don’t fret none, we got extra tokens if you need ’em: 1 for $5 or a whole stack of 6 for $20. You can grab them packages online at www.blazinm.ticketspice.com/fall-fest-2023 or saddle up and get ’em at the gate on the day of the event. But remember, prices at the gate’ll be $5 more, so it’s smarter than a whip-smart mustang to pre-purchase ’em today!

For more information, don’t be shy; visit www.blazinm.com or send a smoke signal to Blaine Ashcraft, our trusty Event Coordinator, at [email protected], or give ‘im a holler at 907-617-3181.

About Blazin’ M Ranch:
Blazin’ M Ranch is a celebrated Western experience, right here in the heart of the Verde Valley. With a history that stretches clear back to 1994, Blazin’ M Ranch offers folks the chance to step back in time and savor the Wild West with real-deal activities, rip-roarin’ entertainment, and grub that’ll stick to your ribs like a branding iron.

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